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Kingdom Prison

This area is where the players start off in the campaign. The location of this prison is underground and is made entirely out of stone. This dungeon system use to be the home of a tribe of dwarves that mysteriously went missing. Afterwards the Kind decided to use cave system as a prison for problem inhabitants. The strong stone doors, supports, and master craftsmanship make this fortress nearly impenetrable.

Using the many rooms left behind they have re purposed this not only into a prison but also into several living quarters for the guards to have quick access in case there are any problems with the prisoners. Guards take shifts and while off duty can either lounge, train, or just exercise in the compound.


guards that spend most of the time in the compound will feel as though they are not alone and are being watched. They will smell cooked food by the barracks, or hear faint snoring while training or exercising. Some of them think that the place is haunted by the ghosts of the dwarves that once lived there while other believe there is a person living somewhere down in the parts of the compound that the guards have been unable to find or explore. Considering this use to be a dwarf home it seems underdeveloped and many think that there are passages they have not discovered yet, and places that are still hidden even to the King and his men.

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