1st Game Night
Give a dog a bone?

Locked up

On the first night the players awoke from their slumber to find themselves shackled in an old prison with only but a few companions and the most basic but not always modest of clothing. With the help and strength from Gwarra our dwarven fighter most of our party is able to break their shackles while Salvador the half-elf bard nimbly slips through the bonds.

Skeletons vs Zombies

With their being only one door in the room the half-ling Cali jumps up to peer through the window. While hanging their her and the rest of the party see 6 skeletons and 6 zombies burst into the room next to them in a brawl. The zombies move fluidly and are somewhat coordinated, wearing the same garbs that our players are wearing. The skeletons are armored, have weapons, can communicate with one another and are very coordinated. The skeletons end the fight with most of the zombies being presumably dead and the rest shackled to the wall by the skeletons. While walking away Cali is almost spotted by the skeletons before they exit the room.


After a few moments pass our players leave their small room and enter the main cell room. Our half-elf bard Salvador decides to try to communicate with one of the knocked out zombies and attempts to wake him up to no avail, probably doing more damage then good at this point, while Torrin our dragonborn ranger attempts to carefully climb the few steps that lead to the door in this room that was burst opened by the fighting but moments ago. Torrin and Cali carefully climb the steps, obviously attempting to be cautious. Salvador, eager to find his precious lute that was taken from him, bounds the stairs in a single leap and peers through the opening in the door to the following room. What Salvador sees is a corridor that splits 3 directions, 1 north, 1 east, and 1 west. Luckily for the party a group of skeletons had just turned their backs to the door and was turning a corner to the north and did not see the ever so subtle bard.

Have a nice trip…?

With only one objective, to find their belongings and to get out, they open the door to leave. Before moving much further Cali volunteers to sneak up to the corner to the north and see whats around the corner. Unfortunately while Cali and not being accustomed to the stone of this dungeon she tripped over one of the bricks in the floor causing her to stumble and land in the middle of the hallway that she was trying to stealthy see down. To the groups fortune, the skeletons that were once there had already bounded the corner and were out of hearing and eye sight.

X marks the spot!

The party decided to move westbound through the passageway to find themselves in a room with some crates, a table, a door on the west wall, and a locked long chest. The chest immediately grabbed the attention of the players. After debating on how to open it without tools or damaging the contents they decide Gwarra could attempt to break the lock with her dwarven strength. While searching the crates in the NW corner of the room Cali and Salvador find a small set of improvised tools that might be handy in a lock-picking situation. Just as they were turning around to share their discovery, they hear the shattering of metal and see Gwarra holding what remains of the lock on the once “locked” chest. Cheers erupt at the table at the finding of their lost equipment, though Gwarra and Torrin still despair at their still not found pet companions.

5v3 not good

After donning their armor everyone hears footsteps, and plenty. Although fully armed now the players decide to play it safe and hide in various parts of the room: Salvador under the table in the SE corner, Torrin behind the crates in the NW, Cali and Gwarra up against the east wall. Torrin appearing as nothing but a shadow of the crates he’s hiding behind and Cali successfully sneaking up to the corner of the wall to peer see 3 skeletons and 5 zombies. With the skeletons backed up against the wall they are at the hands of the zombies. Still hiding the players hear the carnage that the zombies unleash on the skeletons. After what they assume is the end, footsteps are heard. In an attempt to hide Cali and Gwarra move to under the table that Salvador is hiding. Cali being a halfling monk easily sinks into the corner, though Gwarra on the other hand while moving under the table wakes the neighborhood after her weapon smacks the side of the table alerting the zombies.

Combat time.

After the frustration of being the one that alerted the enemy, and failing to be able to hind in her tight spot Gwarra charges the nearest zombie with dwarven fury. Her legs propel her in front of the monster and she kills the target with a single swing. This savage display startled the rest of the zombies causing them to be stunned in fear giving the players time to coordinate their attacks. Salvador fells inspired through the tune he is humming and attempts a daring throw at one of the zombies only to hit the wall behind it. Cali runs next to Gwarra and attacks the next zombie with a slash of her short-sword and thrust-ed palm. Torrin readies his longbow releasing an arrow. What a shot! Torrin’s arrow flies so strong and straight that it pierces through the first enemy completely and damages the next leaving 3 enemies. After the shot Torrin drops his bow he runs to the side of his friends while drawing his 2 rapiers. Salvador then runs to the side of the his companions and attacks one of the remaining zombies with his rapier dealing some good damage onto the foe. Seeing this battle being over shortly Gwarra grabs her mighty ax and swings mightily at the next enemy….missing…..badly. Gwarra’s swing was so wild it almost hit Cali as it swung over her, Salvador was able to suck in his gut quick enough after it missed the zombie, but Torrin wasn’t able to move quick enough and weapon got planted into his armor creating some bruising that he will definitely feel later. The last two enemies are finished off shortly there after with some quick moves from Cali and Salvador.

What was that?

Shortly after the combat the party hears the mumbling speech of someone and a door shut somewhere nearby.


After the fight Torrin decides to open the door on the West wall to see what lays beyond it. While opening it the hinges make an awful creak and Torrin looks up to see 3 skeletons running his way. Cali and Gwarra quickly shove the chest in front of the door as the party races down the hallway around 2 turns and into a new door only to find themselves in a room full of 12 skeletons.

How it all begins

You awake from your haze with bleary eyes and a pounding headache. It takes you a moment to get your focus as you try to determine your surroundings and how you got there. The room is dark, barely illuminated by the single torch on short wall of the room. The walls and floor are made of stone and you can see a closed, battered door with a small barred window not far from you. As you move to it, you realize you’re feet are shackled to the wall behind you. Your equipment is missing and your a little nauseous but you are determined to find the answers to why your in this forsaken place!

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